Italian Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer 2020.


We often hear people saying that variety is the spice of life. Well, when it comes to men’s Italian shoes it certainly is. At Milan’s last Men’s Fashion Week, designers gave us an insight into the likely trends of 2020. They showed us that in the spring and summer months of 2020 we are likely to see a range of new styles of shoes, sneakers, sandals, and everything in between.

The originality of men’s footwear in 2020 is acquired through the use of bold variations of décor elements, textures, and interesting patterns. Let’s talk about the Italian shoe trends we are likely to see during the spring/summer of 2020:

Classic Styles Altered

Classic smart shoes are always relevant in the world of men’s fashion. Italian shoes in 2020 will be distinguished by features like the presence of belts and buckles or the rounded sock. Most of the popular smart shoes will be made out of genuine leather, as they have been in the past.

In spring/summer 2020, the most prevalent colors of shoes will be brown, blue, red, and beige. Smart shoes that have a sharp toe still remain trendy, particularly for people wanting to achieve the business look. Many smart shoes in spring/summer 2020 will feature a small amount of lacing which is located at the top of the shoe.

In 2020 we will see classic sneakers remain as popular as ever. Sneakers are one of the most popular trends of all time and this will likely continue. One of the main changes we will see in men’s sneakers is the change in the color palate. Sneakers are going to be brighter, bolder, and even more popular than ever before.

One of the most popular styles of sneakers in 2020 is still Fendi sneakers. Fendi’s range of men’s sneakers comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit your taste and outfit. Visit SSENSE to see some of the amazing, innovative sneakers they have on offer. Whether you’re looking for a bold sneaker to impress your friends and work colleagues or something a little more subtle, they’ll have something perfect for you.

New Styles in Spring/Summer 2020

In 2020, we will see an increase in the availability of suede shoes. This material can make any outfit look expensive and stylish, which is why it’s such a popular choice once again. Suede shoes will be available in a variety of different colors, but the most popular will be green, blue, gray, and metallic.

We will see a number of new styles of boots in 2020. The most popular boot styles include retro, cowboy, and military. Boots have always been popular in men’s fashion and they are likely to remain popular for a number of years to come.

Sandals are popular during every spring/summer season. As soon as the sun begins to shine, we want to kick off our boots and put on our sandals. In 2020, sandals continue to be popular. Whether you choose the open toe or closed toe option there are lots of choices available to you. If you really want to stay on trend then you should choose sandals that have rivets or buckles included as features.

For people who want a shoe that is trendy and can be used for a number of outfits, then a moccasin should be your choice. Moccasins can be worn with your everyday clothes, going out clothes, and your work clothes. The most popular shades of moccasins available in 2020 include coffee, beige, brown, and blue.

Sports Style

At the men’s Milan Fashion Week, we noticed that almost all designers included their men’s fashion shoes in sport style. The modern speed of life doesn’t tolerate confusion, so this isn’t surprising. Many designers have chosen to combine athletic style shoes not only with casual and sports clothing but also with business style.

Ugg Boots

In 2020, we will see Ugg Boots becoming more popular in men’s Italian fashion. Don’t worry about ruining your image by wearing such boots, their design has changed a great deal over the past few years. Modern designs of these boots are perfect to wear alongside casual pants or jeans.

Tractor Sole Boots Are Still Popular

In spring/summer 2020, we will see the tractor sole increasing in popularity once again. Tractor sole shoes are extremely versatile and practical. The newest and most popular style of these boots often includes one décor element and they are shorter in length than previous versions.

Around the world, thousands of people love Italian shoes, mainly because of their elegance, styling, and neat design. Just like others, you will need to look beyond the label of “Italian shoes” in order to find the best quality Italian shoes on the market.

Whatever your style preferences or tastes, there are a number of Italian shoe trends available to suit your needs. From the Fendi sneakers that come in a variety of colors to the tractor sole boots which are versatile and practical, there’s something to suit you. Keeping up with fashion trends can be tricky, but by following some of these Italian shoe trends for spring/summer 2020, you won’t go far wrong.


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